Eff. My trans has internal break. Epoxy? (Page 1/5)
sourmash MAR 26, 08:25 PM
My 4T80 wasn't shifting into 2nd gear unless done by the shift lever. Finally I dropped the pan to replace the shift solenoids and found this damage to the housing. The valve body assembly screws to it. It's just a small area, but can anyone advise on maybe an epoxy repair?

And with the valve body still installed it looked like this. I can replace the assembly.

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fierogt28 MAR 26, 09:02 PM
No epoxy, replace assembly.


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sourmash MAR 26, 09:06 PM
Yeah, I already have that but that isn't the question I'm asking. The first image is the question. It's the transmission housing.

Originally posted by sourmash:

Finally I dropped the pan to replace the shift solenoids and found this damage to the housing.

The transmission housing, which is not worth replacing. It was just installed.

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olejoedad MAR 26, 09:25 PM
Someone with good TIG skills could rebuild the area, the trick would be the final surfacing to get it to seal.

My question is how did the damage come about? Was the transmission housing dropped during a rebuild?
sourmash MAR 26, 09:33 PM
My first thought too, but no. It's a VIN 9 and harder to find. Finally found a used one, talked to the guy who sold the car for scrap, he confirmed it was good. I bought it from the j-yard. They had pierced the pan with a punch to drain the fluid for and did that damage. I didn't know it when I took it to get it installed at the trans shop. The trans shop installed it without telling me but probably didn't see it until it was already installed. Since the pan had a drain hole punched they swapped the pan from my old trans. THAT'S when the chunk would've fallen out. They decided to sweep it under the rug and have avoided telling me.

Took it back for diagnostic and they wanted to replace the shift solenoids for $300 to fix it. Decided to do it myself and, voila. Someone at that shop knew about this because they swapped pans. The aluminum chunks would've been in there. They didn't even clean out the old pan from the grenaded trans. Last year I opened that trans and found destroyed wiring, wire insulation and a chunked solenoid. Yest when I dropped the newly installed pan wiring bits and electric slag was in the trans screen...that's junk from the old trans. That's when I looked about my old trans to confirm they swapped pans...there's a big punch hole through it confirming it was swapped. So I'm stuck. They suck

But I need a quick fix without throwing the car away.

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sourmash MAR 26, 09:37 PM

Originally posted by olejoedad:

Someone with good TIG skills could rebuild the area, the trick would be the final surfacing to get it to seal.

That's why epoxy came to mind. If can be formed easier than sanding TIG weld.

wgpierce MAR 27, 05:43 PM
I don't know if you can get this stuff in the US, but it works well It's sorta like JB Weld but it's better. Really I don't think you have anything to lose at this point. Would be better to get it welded but you could try

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Dennis LaGrua MAR 27, 05:51 PM
The best idea may be to first find out the reason that break occurred, then plan a method to fix it. Either way that trans probably has to come down.

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qwikgta MAR 27, 06:09 PM
I believe the owner stated that the trans came from a junk yard. I know at my Pick n Pull they do the same thing, they puncture the trans/oil pan's with a huge punch, putting a hole in it and then suck out all the fluid. They don't waste their time unbolting anything, punch thru the oil pan, the trans pan, suck out all the brake fluid, pop a hole in the gas tank, suck out all the gas, cut the cat converter off and then move it out onto the yard. That damage looks just like what the punch would do as they smacked it into the pan to suck out all the fluid. F**King idiots.

I've bought a few motors/trans from my Pick n Pull and the only pan they didn't punch thru was the 3800SC with the aluminum oil pan, they actually took out the plug (never put it back by the way).

That sucks i'd deff try the epoxy first, shape it, grind it, make it work.

theogre MAR 27, 06:43 PM
Most Epoxies and "glues" don't work well on aluminum to start with. Add heat cycling and hydraulic pressure to force the joint to "blow out."

Worse, Top image look like have a Crack above obvious damage and "Glues" likely won't fix that. Far worse if the crack is on a stress area that will grow bigger in hours to days or more depending on how you drive etc.

Welding may help or not depending how good the welder shop is and if can reach all crack area.
May need Zyglo or Magnaflux to see how deep the crack is. W/ or w/o that likely need to drill/grind crank open to weld closed.

Trans shop should not have installed this junk unit. Any "Real" shop should have seen that pan damage and loose parts when they took that off and never tried taking car apart.
Some one basically ripped you off and did the job anyway.
Good luck getting money from them w/o going to court. If under ~ $5000 maybe Small Claims Court that doesn't allow lawyers.

Your past blaming a junk yard even if they did the damage because of Trans shop took it apart and worse replace the pan.

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