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Habanera Hal FEB 13, 03:11 PM
I'm finally getting around to installing my new dew wipes. It seems that every thread on the procedure is either referencing a dead link or the pictures that were helping to explain have gone away.

Does anyone have a good link with pics to do this?

ltlfrari FEB 13, 04:18 PM
When I did mine, back in 2009 or so I used jstricker's excellent article from 2006. While the text is still there, the pictures are gone.

Fortunately for you I saved it all and created a pdf of it which can be had from here:

When I installed mine, I used some small drill screws that I found at Lowe’s marked ‘Truss Washer Lath Self Drill’ 8x1/2. They had a wide and very shallow head.

The original post is here so you can read all the comments as well:


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Habanera Hal FEB 13, 05:47 PM

PFFer's are the best!

seajai FEB 13, 09:15 PM
Here is an istructional video I did a few years ago.
theogre FEB 13, 09:31 PM
When Dew Wipe(s) are bad...
The whole door needs attention because of the huge amount of dirt gets it.

Window Tracks and the rest of the regulator is likely prublems because of dirt, rust and have loose parts and only replace the dew wipes doesn't help much.

See my Cave, Doors etc.

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