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Cajun DEC 02, 12:42 PM
For those of you who have installed turbos.....have you considered installing the turbo in place of the Cat?

Wondering if that location would be feasible?
wftb DEC 02, 02:38 PM
That would work , but you will need an oil evac pump to get the oil from the turbo back in to the oil pan. And you will be putting a lot of large piping in a small area, so be careful choosing a turbo and make sure all the inlets/outlets point the way you want them to.

86 GT built 2.2 ecotec turbo
rear SLA suspension
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pmbrunelle DEC 02, 08:29 PM
You should start by determining what items you would like your turbo system to have. Here is a sample list:
Air filter
Oxygen sensor

Then, you play the Tetris game where you try to make the puzzle pieces fit with the simplest (i.e. least expensive and easiest to implement) plumbing to connect it all.

We cannot tell you what spot is good, because the correct solution depends on your priorities, what parts you want to fit, the engine you have, etc. It is a puzzle that must be solved by you to your personal satisfaction.


Personally, for my (not yet completed) non-intercooled stock V6 turbo engine, I decided that having the turbocompressor near the air filter can and the throttle body made sense. Hence, my turbo ended up above the gearbox, in a spot where the exhaust from both banks is available, and where the oil can drain downhill towards the pan.

The BOV piston will be visible enough with the hood open that I can inspect its correct operation (open on throttle lift, closed at idle) while running the engine in the driveway and manipulating the throttle.

Right now the stock catalyst spot is empty; making oil filter replacement easy. Optionally, I'll be able to use the area for an air-to-air intercooler in the future, at the expense of poor oil filter and front cradle bolt access (at least in the way I'm imagining things).

Wherever you place the turbo, you'll have to implement some heat shielding to protect the parts around it. Down in the stock catalyst area, there's the starter to worry about. In that area, you might be able to get the turbo high enough for a gravity drain.
Cajun DEC 02, 08:54 PM
Thanks guys for the feedback, comments and opinions.

Dennis LaGrua DEC 02, 09:20 PM
The usual location for a Turbocharger on a Fiero is on the crossover pipe in the space over it on the left side of the engine compartment. There is plenty of room there.

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2.5 DEC 06, 08:51 AM
Pics of Turbo Fieros? (Since we can post pics easy now!)
wftb DEC 06, 01:23 PM

This is my old setup but the new turbo will end up very similar. I tried to mount the turbo I am in the process of installing ( 16G meant for a WRX) in the space above the transmission but the way everything points it was a no go. So I have made an adapter and it is now in the same place as my old 20G. This will actually be a big improvement, because the charge pipe will no longer have to go across above the hot exhaust manifold and the smaller turbo has lots of space to connect everything to.

I do not know if all BOV's work the same but on my setup at idle it is always open. It will not build boost if you rev the engine with the car not moving. The BOV only closes when the car is in gear and under a load and then boost builds. I like it this way because I can control when it produces boost with a careful touch of the gas pedal- less boost, better mileage.

86 GT built 2.2 ecotec turbo
rear SLA suspension
QA1 coilovers on tube arms

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hnthomps DEC 06, 03:05 PM
Here is a turbo install on an 87. Note that a 3.4 L push rod engine was also installed at tyhe same time.

pmbrunelle DEC 06, 09:14 PM

Originally posted by wftb:
I do not know if all BOV's work the same but on my setup at idle it is always open.

The vent-to-atmosphere BOVs are supposed to be closed shut at idle; necessary to prevent the ingestion of unfiltered air.

The stock-style recirculating valves may be open at idle... I'm guessing this is what you have, explaining why yours appears to have an air filter on it.


There's already a pic of my in-progress engine bay in my build thread, but I may as well throw it in here as well:

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wftb DEC 07, 10:22 AM
Yes, I put the air filter on just in case dirt might get in. Most people don't bother with a filter because there is always air blowing out of the BOV outlet when the engine is running. I have used three different BOV's including the black Bosche unit shown in one of the pics above (went through 2 of those, after a while they would not hold boost) and they all stayed open during idle. I read your thread The White Bug in order to see how you could see your piston operating with the engine idling and I get it now.

86 GT built 2.2 ecotec turbo
rear SLA suspension
QA1 coilovers on tube arms

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