UCA Bushing Sleeve Removal (Page 1/1)
RandomTask NOV 30, 01:47 PM
Rebuilding the suspension, want to remove the shaft. Already have the bushings (burned) out. Any tricks to getting the (one) sleeve off so I can take out the shaft?

Also, when removing, do I need to be sure not to damage the sleeve? Anyone that can provide the link where to get a new one would be greatly appreciated.
Will DEC 02, 09:14 AM
You're talking about an '88... might want to clarify.
RandomTask DEC 04, 03:14 PM

Originally posted by Will:

You're talking about an '88... might want to clarify.


I got the sleeves out with a can do attitude and no damage to the UCA’s (but destroyed the sleeves); allowed me to get the cross shafts out. (These are spare UCA’s BTW) I have the new bushings on order from rock-auto (PN: 46G8035A). Pictures show they have the sleeves on them but we’ll see what they look like when the arrive.

Plan now:
Confirm new bushings have sleeves.
Get UCA’s stripped and powder coated.
Clean up (gently) any powder coat on the inner diameter of the UCA sleeve mounts.
Insert cross shafts.
Install new bushings/mounts via press.
Take rubber out using the “gentle” method (drilling, not burning).
Install poly.