B Pillar spakers (Page 1/1)
randy86 JUL 15, 10:08 PM
I cannot find much about the stock speakers, other than they are 4x6. Does anyone know what ohm they are (2 or 4) and are they shallow speakers, as in how deep can I get a replacement speaker?

fierofool JUL 15, 10:49 PM
They are 4 ohm. They are shallow speakers. There isn't much clearance behind them for larger magnets. You might check crutchfield.com and replacementradios.com for speakers and for the plug in adapter harness for aftermarket speakers with blade terminals so you don't have to cut and splice wires.

I have a pair of dual cone 4x6's but don't remember where I got them. Adapter harness came from Crutchfield I think.

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olejoedad JUL 16, 08:10 AM
I've used Pioneer, Memphis Audio, Sony, and Alpine 4x6 speakers in the B-pillar with no fitment issues.
randy86 JUL 16, 09:29 AM
Thanks, that helps a lot.
fierofool JUL 16, 09:47 AM
I checked Crutchfield and they don't have anything that will fit, but these are the wiring adapters that you will need to avoid cutting and splicing. They fit both front and back.

hnthomps JUL 16, 11:22 AM
Boston Acoustics plate speakers (4" x 6") will also work. I have two sets of them installed in a couple of vehicles and an quite happy with them.

dremu JUL 16, 01:10 PM
I put a pair of 4" rounds in. Bought them from Crutchfield and they included a plastic adapter plate to fit into the 4x6 mount. Took me a bit to sort out which direction to use, but eventually it all went together.

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