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theogre JUL 17, 02:56 AM
Yup SI alts make less amps vs CS-130 at same speed and engine loads. Even w/ Aftermarket mods to make more amps SI Loses to CS w/ similar peak amps.

See my Cave, CS Alternator and Rabid-Wombat's CS-130 Conversion for 85-87 V6.
L4 might need different PN if mounting ears are different.

You still need to fix/clean all grounds at minimum.
Iffy Alt and Battery cables won't help and most have them.
donuteater306 JUL 17, 06:12 PM
Wow thank you all for the replies and suggestions. A friend has a DC amp clamp so we're going to check the motor on Saturday. If all is good with the motor (I don't expect it to be at 32 years and 265k miles) I will then check all the grounds and connections. If all checks out OK, time for the CS conversion! Prob going to do the conversion anyway because, why not

Thanks Ogre for the Cave!