Is there an Easy way to remove rocker rivets ??? (Page 1/1)
Lou6t4gto MAR 21, 09:39 PM
How do you get the TOP 3 Aluminum Rivets out of the GT Rocker panels Without "tearing up" the rocker ?
nostraloom MAR 21, 09:51 PM
I use a small grinding disc (1") on a Dremel with flexible cable. It is small enough to get in there and cut the rivet without hurting the plastic around it.
Patrick MAR 21, 10:07 PM

If you use a drill, it's necessary to jam something against/under the rivet head so it doesn't spin. I forget what I used... maybe a small slotted screwdriver? Once you devise a method that works, it's pretty easy to drill out the aluminum rivets.