is there a BETTER WAY of removing a windshield ? (Page 1/1)
Lou6t4gto MAR 21, 01:14 PM
is there a Better way, or trick to removing a fiero Windshild, other than Piano wire ? a" windshield knife" is a sure way of cracking it when the orig Seal is Hard in my opinion. will "Heating" the knife help ? heating the windshield ?
fieroguru MAR 21, 01:54 PM
Vibrator tool with a sharp blade worked for me
Easy8 MAR 21, 04:09 PM
Simple... Find your "best" friend in the wolrd.. say that annoying neighbor, boss that rides you all day, the Ex.. then take em for a "fun" ride. No need for seat belts or that and then give the brakes a nice test from say 80 or so... voila!! one removed wind shield. Now if you want it in one piece (as it seems you do) well I am no help at all.

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theogre MAR 21, 04:24 PM
Can remove w/ several methods but note that Any small ding by any tool etc can because a crack after reinstall and often fast.
Even New Windshields will crack from small damage to the edges during shipping or installing.

So after removal carefully then check and refinish edge damage you find.

Note that most cars there is some plastic "shims" to keep correct location of glass in the car while the "glue dries" and not always easy to see. The shims can make it harder to remove w/ some tools.

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Lou6t4gto MAR 21, 09:25 PM
well, it turns out I'm not going to bother with it. not worth the effort. thanks
da.slyboy MAR 23, 11:28 AM

Originally posted by Lou6t4gto:

well, it turns out I'm not going to bother with it. not worth the effort. thanks

It’s like changing your own tires. Yes it can be done....but so much easier for a shop to do it.