rodney dickman clutch line repair kit (Page 1/1)
yamaha94 MAR 16, 03:12 PM
hi everyone,

i am in the midst of installing the rodney dickman clutch line repair kit to my new slave unit.... has anyone installed this before? if so, where did you make the cut to the clutch line and installed the compression fitting? there seems to be a lot of line it looks like i have to make a 90 degree bend and there is a straight section where the fitting may be installed.


yamaha94 MAR 19, 10:07 PM
Figured it out.. easy install. no bends needed. after the OEM clutch line goes on a 90 degree bend there is a small straight section. i cut that in half and spliced in the replacement clutch line. works great.

Gall757 MAR 20, 07:41 AM

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you're welcome! from the PFF self-help staff.