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kjelle69 FEB 28, 07:46 AM
I have a 1988 GT auto and recently I've had some strange behaviour.

The rpm needle jumps around when I let off the gas. (Just sometimes, not always)
Sometimes when this happens the engine stalls completely and it's hard to start again.
Then suddenly the engine pops on and runs perfect again.

Can it be signs of a failing ICM ?
theogre FEB 28, 10:53 AM
pull tach filter then try again
See my Cave, HE Ignition

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kjelle69 FEB 28, 02:37 PM
Ok, but does a faulty tach filter really make the engine stop and die?
I have read that a lot of people even remove the tach filter and continue to drive, this made me more suspicious about the ICM.

Originally posted by theogre:

pull tach filter then try again
See my Cave, HE Ignition

theogre FEB 28, 03:03 PM

Originally posted by kjelle69:
Ok, but does a faulty tach filter really make the engine stop and die?

That and worse can kill ICM, HEI Coil, etc because when the tack parts "die" can causing them to overheat and kill them too.

Ignition doesn't care if tach and filter are not connected but People bypass the filter so OE tach still works can have same problem w/ iffy tach or wiring to the tach. Most Aftermarket Tach can have same problems too.

So just remove the filter and check again then leave filter off trying to fix what else maybe wrong because tach parts may still be bad.
When you fix whatever then try using tach again.
olejoedad FEB 28, 03:35 PM
Take a close look at the connections on the ICM for corrosion and tightness.
Flying_Dan FEB 28, 04:08 PM
Similar happened to me not that long ago. Wound up being the connections at the coil (V6). The little safety tab broke allowing the connector to back out a little. Engine would pop-fart a little, tach jumped around a little. Engine stalled a few times, hard to start etc.

Temp fix was a zip tie to keep the connector seated.
kjelle69 MAR 17, 08:35 AM
Guys, I think I found the problem.
Look at the rotors, the spark gap was way to big on the old one. When I changed distrubutor and rotor to New MSD's from Fiero store the car seems to run just fine again :-)

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kjelle69 MAR 18, 11:53 AM
Ok... Update again.
Had to push the car a couple of blocks to get it home after work since it stalled again after a series of jumps of the tach.
After this it was completely dead. No spark at all.

When we finally got it home we changed the ICM and directly after this the car started up fine again. Soo. I really hope that the ICM was the final solution to this frustrating problem. :-)

kjelle69 MAR 20, 05:32 PM
Fiero having a blast in the snow :-)