Smooth trim on '84? (Page 1/1)
CSM842M4 DEC 14, 10:31 PM
I think all the trim moldings and side marker lights on my wife's '84 notchback are smooth. Shopping for replacements on the Fiero Store only shows smooth trim on '86 through '88. Is it possible it's been retrofit by a previous owner? Is it a direct fit? All input appreciated, thanks in advance - Chris
RWDPLZ DEC 15, 10:15 AM
They originally came with the ribbed trim. Smooth trim was used on 86-88 GT's
fieroguru DEC 15, 10:41 AM
The trim style is molded into the front and rear fascias and the length of the marker light trim is different between ribbed and smooth.

So if you have a bumper pads, then you have ribbed molding on those parts and should have ribbed molding on the rest of the car. The belt line molding between the front and rear wheels is removable and can be changed, but most want it to match all the way around the car.

The only cars with smooth trim "should be" fastbacks and 87 & 88 coupes (87 SE with the Aero fascias has ribbed).
CSM842M4 DEC 15, 06:18 PM
Thanks to all for the intel. How very odd. I suppose it's possible the car is a mix-match ofthe parts - it has the same front and rear fascias as my '86 GT, and all the same side marker lights, but is wearing a "2M4" on the trunk lid. I did find three pieces of ribbed molding; two at the trailing edges of the doors and at the rear of the right front fender. Mysterious...