GT Idles great when cold, then problem when warm (Page 2/2)
Patrick DEC 21, 10:46 PM

Originally posted by Jay Laifman:

As I said, I'm going to try a long long extension cord tomorrow to try to see if the VSS registers with a short motion (using the WinALDL cable and reader on an old IBM laptop). That's because the laptop battery is no longer any good.


Wouldn't it be a whole lot easier (and much more practical) to simply support the two rear control arms... with the either the rear tires off the ground or the rear wheels off the car?
Jay Laifman DEC 23, 08:43 PM
It seems like it's all good now! I happened to have another Vehicle Speed Sensor Buffer. I swapped it in and it seems to be holding idle after warm up. I will take it on a longer drive later.

Assuming it is now good, I wonder why the buffer went bad.

And thanks for the idea of jacking up the car and spinning a wheel! The Winadld did not show speed with the old buffer, and now shows speed with the replacement buffer. Yea!

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