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branger DEC 10, 05:41 PM
Hey Folks:
Just newly into the Fiero scene.... Recently bought a 1986 Fiero 2M6, 4- speed manual. Just trying to get the kinks out my newly acquired car, and I'm hearing 2 things:
1) Parts are kinda hard to aquire (here in Canada) and
2) Mechanics don't want to touch Fieros because they are hard to work on (according to three different local auto shops I phoned).
I live in Western Canada, so I am wondering if other people have been having these issues. Some things I am willing to try to do (the hobby part of owning a Fiero), but I am not a mechanic and want to be able to give it to a mechanic when I'm in over my head.... So for those of you that know about Fieros... What's the real deal, are they hard to work on? Mechanics worst nightmare? Are parts hard to come by in Canada? I checked Fiero Store on line, great web site, but a set of plug wires at $59 (reasonable price), soon becomes not reasonable when shipping is another $40... Can't imagine what other parts would cost fro shipping....
sledcaddie DEC 10, 05:54 PM
Fiero store having a 1 day sale on 12-12-18 for 10% off all parts. Not sure if they waive shipping fee after a certain dollar amount. Rodney Dickman is another good source for parts. Rock Auto also. Some places waive the shipping if you spend, like, over $100. Some don't. A Fiero is definitely a challenging hobby, but can be very gratifying.
David Hambleton DEC 10, 06:07 PM
I've rec'd parts from all over the US via Rock Auto, Advance Auto etc. Not only can you actually get parts, you frequently have a selection to choose from.
Shipping via USPS (linked to Canada Post) is almost always the way to go in Ontario; large or heavy items I have sent to 24/7 Parcel in Niagara Falls NY (half an hour away.
There's a 24/7 Parcel in Blaine WA, but that's not so handy for Victoria... you'll have to combine your trips with visits to your friends in White Rock, lol!

Are you a secondary school principal? With an auto shop on-site? Or maybe you know someone... that might help.
There are guys still around that will work on Fieros - There's a shop 3 km from me that frequently works on old cars and is very helpful. They'll install stuff I source.
I'm a 'pretend' mechanic so I do most things myself. The factory service manuals are very helpful as are many people right here.
branger DEC 10, 06:19 PM
Thanks for the feedback! Have fallen in love with the car, lol... and don't want to get rid of it because of some inconveniences...!
Gall757 DEC 10, 06:23 PM
It's a very rare mechanic that will tell you he won't work on a car because he does not know how....but that's what they are trying to say...
This seems to be true just about everywhere.....even here in Michigan where they built the car.

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ltlfrari DEC 10, 06:50 PM
They are not hard to work on, just old so no one has the books/knowledge any more for the few quirky things they car has so it takes longer because they have to go look things up the hard way but in general, it's a car, same as pretty much any other car from that era, same stuff applies.
Many parts are from the gm parts bin so pretty easy to get hold of, others are remade by the likes of the Fiero store and Rodney Dickman, some are just unique so second hand is the only option. Cannot comment on shipping to Canada, but sourcing parts is probably like sourcing parts for say a British 'classic' here in the US, it's the proce you pay for owning an old 'foreign' car!
I'm 17 years into Fieros and still messing with them. Cool car (when they run), pain in the butt (but lovable with it) when they don't.

Anything I might say is probably worth what you paid for it, so treat it accordingly!



fierofool DEC 10, 10:48 PM
I've sometimes heard folks say they won't work on it because it's a rear engine car. I ask them if they've ever worked on a front wheel drive car. When they say they have, I tell them that it's a front wheel drive assembly, just moved to the back of the car. It truly is a Chevrolet Citation front wheel drive moved to the rear.
Darrelk DEC 10, 11:33 PM
I've been around Fieros for 31 years now. We have had..... let's see.... 6 of them now. All the way from the new one I ordered in 1987 up to an 86 and an 87 both with the 3800 SC/4t65e hd in them. I've done most of the wrenching on them myself with only the occasional visit to my local mechanic if I was in over my head. Parts as said are pretty readily available and I have also always felt they were just front wheel drive powertrains just moved to the back. My latest reto modded 87 with the 3800SC just did 1100 miles of driving through the Smokey Mountains. Not even a hiccup, averaging 32 mpg and over 5000 ft. in altitude at times. Wife said it was one of the best trips we have ever taken. Get some shop manuals and start tinkering as needed. It's a fun hobby you can drive.......
Iain DEC 11, 07:57 AM

Originally posted by branger:

Can't imagine what other parts would cost fro shipping....


Being in Scotland, ebay global shipping is by far the easiest way to send/receive from the States, especially if you want a load of close out parts from Rockauto that may be coming from various locations. If you have a friend who can accept delivery in the States, then list on ebay.com it comes up with a carriage/Customs price. Of course technically those parts are now 'secondhand, old stock' ( especially if removed from boxes/packets and repacked) and the Customs charge is based on the listing price, which is £0.99/$0.99.
Not that I'm suggesting you would want to avoid Customs Duty, no, no, no. not at all.

branger DEC 11, 12:22 PM
Thanks so much for the feed back, guys! - On the one hand, only ever having done oil changes and other super easy little stuff, I'm a bit overwhelmed by the issues that I have read about,, but on the other hand, as it is going to be a new hobby for me, I am glad to hear, its not just the certified mechanics keeping their Fieros alive. I do have an original repair manual for my 2m6, and a Haynes manual. Issues that I'm going to try to tackle....
- small coolant leak above oil filter side of engine - passenger side
- Fuel gauge reads more than full until gas tank is half empty, then drops down.
- want to add a bigger brake booster, as mentioned by others in this forum,
- check for vacuum leaks and replace hoses, EGR valve, etc
- replace spark plugs and wires - on that note, the wires seem to be different lengths - I'm guessing there is a specific order to where they go?? (also there are metal sheaths on the plug wires, how do you pull plugs out with those?
- squeaky clutch pedal...