Thinking of rebuilding the '85 2.5 engine. What bearing/piston sizes to choose? (Page 4/4)
Gall757 MAR 12, 06:48 PM
keep us posted! This could be a helpful thread for others.
arbakken MAR 12, 10:50 PM
Do you want my engine? The head needs a valve job, but the rest was allegedly rebuilt 8k miles ago... Shipping might be a couple $$ though...
cebix MAR 13, 12:42 PM
A second engine would always be good in the future. If you could get a shipping quote to Poland and name your price then I would be obliged. Of course all taxes and import duties would be on my side.
cebix MAR 23, 07:35 AM
Still don't know if I have roller lifters on my 85 or not. If it turns out I do have flat lifters, can I swap in a new full roller set from rockauto? Camshaft, lifters and pushrods? Or are these not swappable because of some engine block differences?