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Lou6t4gto MAY 09, 11:50 AM
1985 Fiero 4 cyl/ auto. car ran Great for Years, past 6 months it been stalling at a light, replaced : Injector, IAC, MAP, O2 sensor,and Temp sensor at fill neck. today, ran perfect, went to fill it up with premium gas (has always run better on premium for some reason), anyway, I get 500 feet from my drive way, still running perfect, and the engine light comes on ! Code 45, O2 reading Rich ! This is getting Old. WHY ?????
CJB118 MAY 09, 01:46 PM
My neighbor had a fuel trim exception rich code on her Hyundai, I opened up the air box and dug out a chipmunk nest and about a thousand acorns. Not to say your problem matches this, but anytime a code indicates rich mixture, I check all air intake parts for obstruction.
theogre MAY 09, 01:56 PM
unplug tran's TCC plug in/on front of trans. make sure the wire/plug won't hit the exhaust.
If stops stalling at stop lights/signs then TCC solenoid is bad or fluid is old and dirty faking same problem.
But Dumping 2-4 quarts oil in the pan and filter often isn't enough. You want max oil change w/o draining the TC itself...
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I don't trust "transmission flush" from anyone for many reason. Many just rip you off to Can wreck the trans.

Leave it unplug until you fix whatever else.

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Lou6t4gto MAY 09, 04:04 PM
"Presently", the car is NOT Stalling anymore, runs pretty good, it's just" lighting the SES light" and "throwing code 45". Has New air filter, new injector, no clogs. I don't think there is ANYTHING that I have NOT replaced, What could be Left ?
Gall757 MAY 09, 04:49 PM
What's left? It could be a new bad part.

edit: Coolant Temp Sensor reading low would do it.

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Lou6t4gto MAY 09, 06:39 PM
I'm "almost" positive the coolant it full, but I'll check it again anyway.
Lou6t4gto MAY 09, 06:40 PM
could a defective New MAP do this ? how can I check, besides putting in another new Map ? thanks
Gall757 MAY 09, 06:50 PM

Originally posted by Lou6t4gto:

I'm "almost" positive the coolant it full, but I'll check it again anyway.

not the level....the CTS......coolant temperature sensor.
Lou6t4gto MAY 09, 11:16 PM
the sensor is 1 week old (the one in the water neck that goes to the computer)
Patrick MAY 10, 12:36 AM

Originally posted by Lou6t4gto:

the sensor is 1 week old

That doesn't mean much. New components can be faulty right out of the box.

You need a scanner and/or WinALDL to tell you what's going on.

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