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Neils88 MAR 02, 11:34 PM
After a few changes along the way, I am now moving into the next phase of my Lambo build. Originally I was planning on doing a Murcielago build, but this has now evolved into an Aventador build. Both great looking cars, but I must admit the Aventador is a few levels above the Murcielago. There are more aftermarket parts available for the Murcielago, but since this build will undoubtedly take quite a few years, I imagine reproduction parts will become available as time goes on.

This project has been divided into three parts:

1) Initial engine swap. I just couldn't leave the Iron Duke in this, so I decided to start the project by installing a 4.9L V8. This ensured that I would at least have a little horsepower once the body kit was completed. It actually also helped me learn more about the Fiero since this is the first one I've owned.

Here's a link to the 4.9L build thread:

2) The body kit. This is the main part of the build and the focus of this thread. I am planning on keeping the build as close to the real Aventador as I can, but reserve the right for some artistic license when required.

3) Longitudinal engine swap. Once the body kit is finished, I plan on taking advantage of the 12.8" stretch. I plan on building a new cradle for the engine, and getting the entire engine build running before actually installing it. I'm expecting the engine build to take quite a while and I don't want the car out of action longer than it has to be. Once the engine/tranny are up and running then I'll do the install during the winter while the car is parked. Ideally I'll be looking at installing a 760Li V12. Though the exact engine choice will be confirmed once I finish the body kit and can get accurate measurements.

Here is the donor car, with freshly installed 4.9L V8.

...and the teardown begins...

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zzzhuh MAR 03, 12:45 AM
Looking forward to the build. If and when you get rid of your 4.9L I'll be more than happy to take it off your hands

Neils88 MAR 03, 10:52 PM

Originally posted by zzzhuh:

Looking forward to the build. If and when you get rid of your 4.9L I'll be more than happy to take it off your hands

Not a problem...would you like me to install it for you too?

Actually, I haven't decided what I'll be doing with it. Since it will be on the cradle and complete (everything from the suspension, all the way to the computer) should make for a quick weekend swap for any future projects. I might make it available for someone else to enjoy or keep it for my next project.
Neils88 MAR 03, 11:02 PM
Made a little progress today. Managed to get the passenger door off, both rocker panels and both front fenders. For anyone who hasn't removed any of these parts, be aware that the rocker panels and two points on the bottom of each fender are all held on with aluminum rivets. Easiest way to remove them was to drill them out.

Glad to see that there is no rust to deal with. Even the trunk is completely solid.

fierosound MAR 04, 02:01 PM
Lots of work - doing an engine swap twice.

Calgary time/temp

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gen2muchwork MAR 04, 06:46 PM
I enjoyed your 4.9 swap thread. I'm looking forward to this one.
Neils88 MAR 04, 07:23 PM

Originally posted by fierosound:

Lots of work - doing an engine swap twice.

I know...most people will shake their heads at me for that, but my goal with that phase will be a full engine build. I'm expecting that part to actually take at least a few years in itself. Since it'll be built on another cradle and won't go into the car until it is absolutely ready to go in, I can spend most of that interim time driving and enjoying the car with the 4.9. The engine build project is also something I've really wanted to do. Another thing to note, since the engine is really always on display in an Aventador, it deserves to have a great looking longitudinal engine

Originally posted by gen2muchwork:

I enjoyed your 4.9 swap thread. I'm looking forward to this one.

Thx! I've been enjoying your build too!
Neils88 MAR 07, 12:29 AM
Spent the last few days removing the front bumper and the front roof panel. Someone is coming to pick up all the panels this weekend, so I'm being somewhat careful not to damage anything. I've also removed the seats, seatbelts, interior trim and the roof liner (required in order to remove the roof panel).

I used a heat gun and small flat screwdriver to gently remove the adhesive under the A-piller panels. I found it was soft, but not too tacky. It just takes a while to slowly remove the adhesive while resisting the urge to "pry" the A-pillars off with the screwdriver.

Tomorrow I'll work on the rear roof / fender panel. Not sure yet how that one comes off. You learn a lot by stripping the car down to the space-frame!
Neils88 MAR 07, 11:03 PM
Today was a late day getting started, so the only thing on my agenda was getting the rear roof panel off (is there a better name for that part?). No issues taking it off. Like anything, you have to take the first time slowly and work around it methodically locating all the points where something is still connected (like the fuel door release cable).

Next, I'll finish stripping the front part of the car, including the headlights, bumper, radiator etc. Then I'll finish emptying the interior. Finally, I'll be pulling the engine and I'll be ready for the stretch.
RCR MAR 08, 04:42 PM
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