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06GTO JUL 16, 12:23 PM
GMC Syclone - Truck #2777


Have too many toys and selling one that just does not get driven that much.

I have owned this beauty since around 2010. Like most Syclone owners, put a ton of time, money, and effort into it. Currently run mobile 1 in it, put maybe 500 miles on it in the past 2 years, so would like it to go to someone who will enjoy it more. Wouldn't break my heart to keep it though. Title in hand.

Since I've had it:
• Engine rebuilt by local performance shop. Bored .30 over with SRP pistons installed.
• New turbo (not a rebuilt one)
• Transmission cooler w/braided lines (RPM)
• Upgraded front propshaft
• New shocks on all 4 corners
• New lower` springs in the rear
• Ball joints/Tie rods/alignment
• Torsion bar mounts
• Outer dew wipes
• Tons of other things I'm forgetting
• New battery/starter/"purple wire" fix
• "Syclone" floor mats
• Replaced rear cover
• New fuel pump

• Awesome running truck, starts every time, sounds great, runs great
• Idle is spot on and holds firm
• Garage kept most of the time I've had it. Lost the garage parking space for it a few months ago
• Great driver. Not a $16K show truck (and priced accordingly) that you don't want to drive, but something you could show and drive
• Tires are good (though a bit old), wheel inserts were painted black

• Cladding is decent, some cladding has tabs broken, dings, ect.
• Paint is decent, has been repainted in the past
• AC does not work. Compressor and components were replaced, system was flushed and filled, but doesn't work.
• Minor rust on the frame, ect (it has been in Ohio), but don't see any on the cab corners, door bottoms, ect
• "standard" cracks on the interior, dash, center console
• Headliner sagging
• Drivers side door lock switch doesn't work all the time

Overall, very clean driver. Blast to drive. ~62K miles on it. Wife drives it to work now and then so that will increase.

Trade: I'm really trying to lower the amount of toys I have, so trades would have to be in my favor. Things I might be interested in (partial trades): Jeep Rubicon; rust free, low mileage, 88 Fiero GT T-top 5-speed (CJB car). Maybe others.

imgur album with more pictures: https://imgur.com/a/6WYjBrb
06GTO JUL 23, 06:31 PM
Truck has been Sold.