Indianoplis 500 Yearbooks (Page 1/1)
Harold James Kie MAR 13, 04:28 PM
Indianapolis 500 Yearbooks, by Hungress. First issue (1969/1972) hard cover in new condition with original shrink wrap still in place. $600. (only one available on ebay at $638) Issues in soft cover from 1974 through 1997, all in excellent condition, collectors editions (24issues in all) $500. One issue of "The 1994 Indianapolis Stock Cars Yearbook" soft cover, one issue of the 1996 U.S. 500 yearbook, softcover, one duplicate softcover issue of the 1981 Indy 500, one issue of the1982 Indy 500 duplicate, softcover, $100. One hardcover edition of the 1981 Indy 500 and one hardcover edition of the 1982, $100. One hard cover issue of "Along for the Ride-A Love Story" by Dorie Sweikert, (Hungress publication) still in shrink wrap and like new condition to be tossed in with any other purchases. A total of 31 yearbooks in all that are becoming more and more difficult to find and are going up in value. Prices vary on Amazon and ebay but most are used and/or re-issues. I will make a deal on the entire set, make a reasonable offer. And yes, if it matters, the Fiero has a two page spread on the first couple of pages in the 1984 issue and other pictures of the car elsewhere in the issue. Plus shipping from Boise, Idaho.