2001 Nissan Xterra 3.3 L V6 Head Gasget (Page 1/1)
Bryan96 DEC 24, 05:34 PM

I had an over-heat event in May. The coolant was very low. I found a plastic crack in the radiator near the cap. I replaced the radiator and found no other coolant leaks. The coolant and oil both look good, they're not mixing.

Here's a list of symptoms:
- Uses about a quart of coolant per 50 miles but I can't find any leaks
- Bubbles in the radiator overflow at operating temp
- The radiator overflow only gets more and more full, the coolant never seems to go back into the radiator.
- Radiator over flow gets full and I have to remove coolant from it
- Code for random cylinder misfire
- Dead miss on at least one cylinder for about 5 or 10 seconds after startup if the engine hasn't run in 30 or so minutes but then smooth with good power
- Compression test results (Cylinder/PSI):
- 1/180
- 2/130
- 3/180
- 4/175
- 5/175
- 6/180
- All spark plugs are dry except 6 which is wet

Because of all the air in the radiator whenever it's driven long enough to heat up I think it's combustion gasses. Is there any other way for air to enter the radiator? I don't have a radiator pressure test kit. I was surprised that the cylinder compression test readings where so high. Is there anything else I should look for before pulling the heads off?