06 Saturn VUE Smokes after roll over (Page 1/1)
ohioindy DEC 16, 06:13 AM
My kid drives my 06 Saturn VUE with the 2.2l ecotec engine.
He swerved to miss another car last week and put it into a ditch on it's top.
I tried to start it the other day and it did fire up but smoked like hell.
I ran it for only a minute, it was white smoke and nothing was coming out of the tail pipe except smoke.
It has no leaks of any kind, no engine light and seems to idle normally.
I'm assuming it may be fluids went where they shouldn't be and I'm hoping it will diminish.
any thoughts or advise?

Stubby79 DEC 23, 03:07 AM
Oil will have gotten in to the crank case ventilation system - which leads to the intake and get sucked in to the engine. If that's all it is, it should clear up after a while. Monitor your fluid levels while you're doing it, in case your sucking it in from something that broke.
ohioindy JAN 20, 07:41 AM
I ran the car for about 30 minutes.
The smoke got less and less.
Now after driving it for a few weeks no smoke at all
Changed the plugs and it runs fine
thanks for the input.