Video - Stock C5 Corvette + Supercharger - what's it like to drive with 600HP? (Page 1/1)
DimeMachine OCT 31, 03:48 PM
A year ago I put a build thread series on my channel about all of the steps involved in adding a centifugal supercharger to a stock C5 Corvette. Since then I have received a lot of questions and comments from people wondering what it is like to daily drive a 600HP C5. I put together this video as an effort to show the things you will notice after completing single major mod like this.

84/87 NB, 3800SC, E-85, VS Cam, 2.8 Pulley, 4T65E-HD, HP Tuners, AEM Wideband, Regal GS Gauges, S-10 Brake Booster. 1/4 mile -11.85 at 114mph

robymon NOV 18, 12:36 AM
Great review! That's a lot of extra hp. I dig the sound also.