Buick Reatta salvage parts (Page 1/1)
sourmash OCT 22, 08:45 AM
Anything worth grabbing off a Reatta we might see in a junkyard? Tail lights, interior or any other oddball parts that are drying up?

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Old Lar NOV 11, 09:24 PM
My cousin who lives in NC has a buddy that collects Reattas and salvage usable parts. Any Reatta part is only good to someone who owns another Reatta and needs parts. Those parts are not interchangeable to other GM cars as they were "hand" built with many ( at that time) innovative components. My cousin had three at one time and each one had their idiosyncrasies.
sourmash DEC 07, 06:38 PM
The tail lights with some rear trim went first, along with some front clip trim pieces. Still has body panels on it.
Jake_Dragon DEC 08, 03:44 PM
There have been a few of these pop up but I have passed.