91 w150 trouble. Please help (Page 1/1)
87fiero2017 JUN 05, 05:26 PM
So I have a 91 dodge w150 and I've been trying to get it to start. The starter relay at the time had 12v bat and 12v ignition. The other wire coming in is neutral switch wire. Well no luck so I just bypassed the relay with screwdriver and it will kick p
Over but not fire....well after hours of trying now I got big problem. The only time I got 12v ignition power is with headlight switch on or horn button pressed...my buddy was laughing at this...could the ignition switch gone bad?
87fiero2017 JUN 06, 07:06 PM
I got it narrowed down to ignition switch circuit. I got 12v to switch but soon as I turn key forward I got nothing coming from yellow wire and I lose 12v battery red....strange
87fiero2017 JUN 07, 10:47 PM
Well its popping 12v battery fuse every time I send power to yellow.. Ill keep tinkering
87fiero2017 JUN 09, 08:46 PM
Fooled me. Its just the key in start position which is a blue wire that goes to asd relay where my problems are