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Sage MAR 22, 08:20 AM
As thread title states, Mercedes E350.

Anybody familiar, knowledgeable about this/these vehicles?

Checking one out locally...not sure what to think.

Car looks immaculate. Haven't driven it yet. Interior looks near perfect, as does the entire exterior.

It's an "AUTO4" which I understand indicates all wheel drive.

Just can't get over the absolutely pristine condition of the body and everything that should show some "wear".

Reason is it has 245,000 miles on it! It's not diesel. According to reviews I've found, it scores pretty high on reviewers lists in most categories...like a 9.2-97 rating for overall performance, reliability and comfort.

Guy has it listed for around $8,900 with from what I found, it slightly above projected value and the listings I found don't list anything with over 140,000 miles, we all know how excess mileage affects the resale value! According to that theory, this guy should pay me to take it off his lot! LOL Average price paid ranges from $6200 - $8500, from what I've found.

Anyway, just thought I'd ask here, as I've found very few things that you can ask about that there aren't at east a couple people that have experience.

TIA for any advice/info.

Jake_Dragon MAR 22, 02:35 PM
Just make sure you are happy with it. That's a lot of miles even if it has been taken care of.
I found plenty of nice ones for around $5000 that have half that amount of miles pretty close to me.

Bottom line its worth what you are willing to pay for it.
For a 4 door sedan it looks nice, not my kind of car but nice.
Kind of a chick car
Sage MAR 22, 03:32 PM
Thanks Jake....very sound advice... as for it being a chick car.....wasn't the Fiero also?LOL

I doubt I end up with it...it just LOOKS SO GOOD sitting there....and it IS a Mercedes....and yep....those are A LOT of miles!

Response appreiciated!

Sage MAR 23, 07:52 AM
How about a 2008 with just under 100,000 mi. in the same overall condition (looks new) for around the same money?

Bank won't touch anything with as many miles on it as the first, and they also don't want anything to do with anything over 10 years old. That's not my main concern.....just don't want to put out for it, then find I have to replace a $1,400 headlight or something. Or have the transmission go out....looking for those with experience/knowledge about these particular cars. I know nobody can say what the future holds, but most cars have a "reputation" associated with them...(you know....like FIRES in Fiero's! :-D ) but they are not always true.

Just never owned one (Mercedes) before, and wondered if anybody here was a little more familiar with the brand/model than me.

Thanks for looking.