Battery change in 14 ford Escape (Page 1/1)
davylong86 NOV 04, 12:12 PM
Piece of cake! remove wipers, take off lower windshield panel then remove the brake reservoir, remove the lower drain pan, remove two covers, disconnect out side ground then the positive cable, pull out so you can reach negative cable, then clean and brush off all component's that you cant get to because all things mentioned above. Then hope you get the right battery from (Auto Zone) NOT! Total time, 3hrs 15min. Note: make sure to mark your wiper position before removing, cost me 15min on that adjustment. Fiero battery, 12min job. Just saying.
RWDPLZ NOV 29, 03:31 PM
When I used to work at an auto parts store, people would ask if we could install a battery for them, and we would tell them we had to go outside and look at it first. This is why. People with GM Minivans were always pissed when you told them no, because they had usually gotten a quote from a mechanic or dealer with substantial labor.

Passat sounds similar to what you describe

wgpierce JAN 23, 08:17 PM
Try a Lotus Elise. Have to remove the entire back half of the car to get to it. 5K AUD job here!
johnt671 JAN 24, 08:28 AM
Those make my 98 Sebring convertible look easy. I only have to pull the drivers side front wheel and the inner fender to change the battery.
ZCR1 JAN 25, 05:02 PM
Our Durango's battery is under the front passenger seat!