Video - Upgrade C5 to a C6 Corvette or Install an A&A Supercharger (500hp)? (Page 1/1)
DimeMachine JUL 20, 08:33 PM
Guys, my other plastic car is a C5 Corvette. Recently went deep into the thought process of what to do as it is time for more power. Put together this Video of the decision process and what I decided to do. You might find it interesting...

84/87 NB, 3800SC, E-85, VS Cam, 2.8 Pulley, 4T65E-HD, HP Tuners, AEM Wideband, Regal GS Gauges, S-10 Brake Booster. 1/4 mile -11.85 at 114mph

Patrick JUL 23, 03:17 PM

I look forward to your impressions of the car after the supercharger installation.

With that amount of bump in power, is there a "weak link" to be concerned about?