Wheel offset and tire calculators feature missing (reverse search) (Page 1/1)
Australian JUN 14, 04:29 AM
I have been looking at hundreds of cars pcd and offsets trying to find rare sizing.
I decide on an offset and pcd but cannot do a reverse search to find all the cars that match eg center bore, offset pcd.
I would love to be able to search pcd narrow it down buy offset now you can do this on ebay if everyone used the proper fields and on some manufactures of wheels however you cannot search factory wheels this way.
There are sites like https://www.wheel-size.com/ which give out all the info i need but i want to find all the wheel made in same size.

For example if i wanted to buy wheels for a fiero and didn't want them to hit the springs or guard decided on an offset and pcd i want to see what other factory wheel in any brand were also available in say 5 x 100 and +30-40 offset and listed would be specific toyota celica audi and subaru models with those offset. To find the sizes i would just have to randomly click on cars till i find something similar.
(I am looking for Lexus Rx wheels but seeing what else fits eg: venza highlander)
Raydar SEP 14, 12:19 AM
I also have wished for a "lookup" like that, but haven't found anything so far.