2004 2.5L Altima sputters. Random no start. (Page 1/1)
RACE MAY 26, 04:04 PM
Since the people.at Nissan and the Altima forums do not know how to fix this I thought I would come and ask the experts if you had any advice. I have never. Even let down here.

2.5L Altima. Randomly will not start. The crank shaft position sensor and mass air flow unit have both been replaced. It is my father's car and I would love to fi d the magic bullet that will solve this problem. It sputters while cranking with occasional backfire but no start.

Thanks guys. I will. Heck back later today. : )
LitebulbwithaFiero MAY 27, 07:53 AM
But once it starts, it runs fine?

Any check engine lights?

Any other issues beside the random hard starts?
RACE JUN 10, 12:20 PM
Yes but it will do a high idle code. Once running it does not stall. It just randomly will not start.

It convinced me that I should never buy a Nissan. I conscidered them a third tier manufacturer anyway.

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