Thoughts on 86 Celica Supra? (Page 1/1)
Blitz54 APR 03, 08:05 PM

My dad took autobody in school and did it as a job for years, so body work isn't a huge concern for me. I'm just wondering if the car has any real "value". I mean I like the car, same as a I like a Fiero, but neither are really collectible. The Mk3 supras are the ones that are more sought after, but anyone know anything about the mk2?

Probably won't be getting this car, but if it's reposted for even less I might consider it.
gen2muchwork APR 04, 07:28 AM
I can't add any useful info besides my opinion. Toyota rocked in 1986. MR2, supra, corolla, cressida, that van thing, small tough trucks, land cruiser. Everything from them that year is gold to me. Hope you find what you are looking for. Around here, its been a very long time since I've seen a decent survivor on the road. I see more fieros than all of those models combined.
RWDPLZ APR 04, 08:13 AM
I wouldn't buy as an investment or flip, but it would be fun
thesameguy APR 04, 02:50 PM
Hard to say whether it's an investment or not, but it might be. The 2nd gen Supra has a lot '80s cred and I'd definitely put it on the list of Future '80s Classics. We're probably a decade from any sort of real appreciation in '80s car values, but it's coming for sure. I'm pretty much not a Toyota fan, but gen2muchwork is absolutely right - Toyota in '86 was knocking it out of the park. Good stuff across the board.

If that was a P-type there'd be no discussion - *I'd* drive 2000 miles to buy it.

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Mike Morris APR 07, 04:38 PM
Cool cars especially the P models (has the fender flares). Like other Toyotas from that era check for rust. Great car for a 7MGTE swap. Just a BPU one can run mid 12s with decent traction. Parts are getting hard to find for them though...
Mike Morris APR 07, 04:40 PM
I just noticed that is an 86...has the third brake light. Good find
Blitz54 APR 23, 10:58 PM

Originally posted by Mike Morris:

I just noticed that is an 86...has the third brake light. Good find

From what I read, it's technically an 85, branded as 86 because they had so many made. 86 is when they separated Celica and Supra, and this one has both names on the badge.

So either way, still not a mk 3 sadly, but still a decent find. It's still on kijiji now. I likely won't get it but looks like a great project car for someone.
Mike Morris APR 30, 09:55 PM
No it is an 86. Mk3 Supra when it debuted was called 86.5. Third brake late is the giveaway.