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Fiero Vampire OCT 14, 12:21 PM
Wife found this video on the Pontiac Stinger concept car, I loved the accessories.
Patrick OCT 15, 04:37 PM

So 80's !

Originally posted by Fiero Vampire:

2.5 JAN 19, 09:15 AM
Wonder if that prototype/ concept vehicle is still in existence.

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2.5 JAN 19, 09:22 AM
Reminds me of this.
Fiero fans made their own

IMSA GT JAN 21, 12:08 PM
It just shows how the Pontiac designers were years ahead of everyone else. The dash looks like something out of the new 2017 Ford yet that video was from the 80's. The add-on / removable items are an awesome feature too.
Raydar JAN 21, 03:16 PM