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Stubby79 AUG 10, 12:34 PM
Amp-hour meters for lower voltage systems aren't too expensive....but they're not totally necessary with plain old lead acid. Cheap LED meters that are based on nothing but voltage would work too.

You could keep the volt meter you're using and just muck around with ways to make it more accurate. A diode, resistor and a capacitor, for example, could stop it from swinging wildly every time you accelerate or take your foot off the gas(it would show you a more average voltage, rather than an instantaneous one). The right use of diodes (or zener diodes) could stop it from even showing over "full", so it would just hold at "full" until the voltage actually starts to sag from use.
gen2muchwork AUG 16, 02:09 PM
New leaf springs for the rear. A little stiffer. My old one was pretty much inverted.

gen2muchwork AUG 17, 08:02 AM
Made a 20 mile trip on 60% battery yesterday. Dummy me plugged in the citicar, but forgot to plug in to the wall. It's usually on all the time, but from the spring work, I was using the outlet. I still had at least 5 miles to go remaining in my pack at the end of that journey so maybe I could pull 35-40 on a full charge. I was impressed!
So my car spent the night at my friends house in preparation for the woodward dream cruise plugged in ready for a fun weekend. He is close to 11 mile and I'll be using that as home base during the cruise, this evening and tomorrow. See you out there.

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Patrick AUG 18, 04:37 AM

Originally posted by gen2muchwork:

I used an unused ACC switch in my dash to select between normal, and insane acceleration.

I want a switch like that in my '88 Formula!
gen2muchwork AUG 18, 11:41 PM
gen2muchwork SEP 03, 09:55 AM
Here is another good article

Patrick SEP 09, 04:43 PM

Originally posted by gen2muchwork:

Here is another good article... Some exotics at Woodward

That same site has another writeup which mentions some weird plastic car called a Fiero... Woodward’s walk through GM history
gen2muchwork DEC 27, 02:09 PM
Got some new headlights

Stubby79 APR 01, 02:37 AM