Whoever updated the history of Fiero on Wikipedia sounds like a pissed corvette fan. (Page 1/2)
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sourmash FEB 02, 10:25 AM
Corvette fans will buy anything Corvette, like red satin jackets with CORVETTE bedazzled on the back. Because the legacy is that in the mid-70s it became tapered on both ends very much like a turd. In the 1980s it became a vagina-mobile (& drag queen-mobile?), being only a woman's commuter car. The only performance item was the speed of the power windows. 1984 was it's rebirth--and has almost no value.

I like Corvettes, but not all of them.
Tony Kania FEB 02, 10:41 AM
This is why we cannot have nice things. I get it. It is funny.

History is not fluid.
cvxjet FEB 02, 11:38 AM
"History is written by the Weaners"

Shho13 FEB 02, 12:18 PM
IMSA GT FEB 02, 12:48 PM
Like I've said, Corvettes are nothing more than typical, cookie cutter, plastic GM garbage. GM takes the same shitty car, adds more plastic or carbon fiber, modifies the motor, then calls it their next generation and marks it up another 40k. People who own a new mid engine Corvette SHOULD be told that their car is nothing special just because it's mid engine. GM has been there and done that with the Corvette killer of the 80's. Here's the pathetic part.....this is from Keith when he met with GM to have his taillights approved and licensed as a reproduction part:

This shows the ignorance and plain stupidity of today's GM personnel. They don't even know what car's they've produced.....including the Fiero otherwise, who knows what would have happened with a future Fiero rather than the Corvette mid engine.

The article shoes the mentality of Corvette owners across the globe. They think that the Corvette is some piece of gold when in reality, when the chrome bumpers went away, it became nothing more than plastic garbage like the rest of the GM product line.

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FieroMaster88 FEB 02, 01:08 PM
That’s pretty funny honestly.

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theogre FEB 02, 02:13 PM
No-one should trust Wiki.
Many reason why then about above "update" I don't have time to post.
Far worse then other traditional encyclopedias that's has a long history of Bias on many things.

I only use them as starting point to find data for most things or for a quick post to others that give a bare overview of a given topic.

Even ignore the "update" that seems gone now the page has many problems including recall info that whoever wrote it never read TSB for the fire and other recalls send to GM dealer network. All are on Alldata and Alldatadiy to read them for Decades. Most are publish by other sites too and link in my cave too.
Big Example: Only 84 required PH51 then later PH52 because 51 was discontinue/changed by GM w/ calibrated dip stick to minorly increase oil cap. Rest l4 just longer stick to move handle away from exhaust and keep PF47 short filter. Rest can use long filter to make easier to change and some brands only have the long filter.
Using long filter only adds maybe ~ Cup of oil to the system.

Plus Recall Requirement of PH51 is wrong filter for side and top down mounting because doesn't have anti-drainback to keep filter full after shutdown.
Likely was a typo that TSB pushed never fix but most Parts books had 84 needs PH52 soon after.
GM likely discontinued 51 because same as 52 w/ anti-drain just to drop inventory numbers. GM and Contract Manufacturing likely saves 100's of Thousands of $ minimum to drop a number when other number is same plus anti-drain. Likely dropped others too.

A lot of the rest of fire recall are guesses by fool(s) that should not be allowed.

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hyperv6 FEB 02, 06:23 PM
First off stop trashing Corvette owners. Most are very good people and many are also Fiero owners.

Second this post reads more like just a troll with a Camry that is jealous he has nothing better. He is just someone in moms basement and just needs to be deleted.

I have had very positive experiences with Corvette people with my Fiero. The Cleveland Corvette club even invited us in one years as the featured car at their big show.

So don’t be that over protective snide Fiero owner that misrepresents the majority of us.
2.5 FEB 04, 02:16 PM
That's pretty funny