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American Exotic JAN 31, 06:43 PM
Hi, just seeing the movie clip for fast and furious nine. Looks like our beautiful mid engine masterpiece will be in the movie. I really don’t think they are glorifying our car but they state something about putting a rocket engine in the Fiero. I would say, more comical than anything but still cool. Punch up movie trailer for fast and furious nine and I believe it was about 1:20 seconds into the preview.
RWDPLZ JAN 31, 07:07 PM

RWDPLZ JAN 31, 07:08 PM
olejoedad FEB 01, 12:08 AM
I see they figured out a way to keep the headlight doors down....
fourpoint9 FEB 02, 03:25 AM
It looks so fake it has to be real
da.slyboy FEB 04, 10:41 AM
12,000hp on 14" wheels
GTGeff FEB 04, 01:39 PM

Originally posted by olejoedad:

I see they figured out a way to keep the headlight doors down....

You just answered my question as to what was with the mini Space Shuttle funnels ahead of the front wheel.

ltlfrari FEB 04, 03:54 PM
Given that this is almost certainly cgi, I would hazard a guess that that whole 'rocket 'engine' on the car in the shot above is all cgi as well. There's just something about the texture of it in the shot that makes it look a little 'too' real to me.

I can see Fiero prices going up now as well as every boy racer 'discovers' out little gem.

Anything I might say is probably worth what you paid for it, so treat it accordingly!


lou_dias FEB 04, 04:49 PM
Probably the same Fiero they dropped the scaffolding on in F&F 7 ... same production team as that one too...

Yes, the article mentions and picture the Fiero...
Tony Kania FEB 04, 05:05 PM
"No, no that's not impressive".