Considering selling this indy Fiero already before i even get to work on it. (Page 1/2)
Skatulaki DEC 02, 09:17 PM
I have found something that is way way way way higher on my priority list to find and restore than a Fiero, and I want it, but don't have the cash, so willing to part with the Fiero already !
Skatulaki DEC 12, 08:23 PM
Decided to keep it, even though I found my Holy Grail of Dodge Power Wagons, I think I can restore both !
wftb DEC 12, 08:38 PM
Awesome. A friend of mine had a 69 power wagon and it was so stiff it would rattle your fillings out.

86 GT built 2.2 ecotec turbo
rear SLA suspension
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Thunderstruck GT DEC 12, 09:43 PM
My 1942 Power Wagon

Going to do a Cummins swap

Cheever3000 DEC 12, 10:00 PM

Originally posted by Thunderstruck GT:

My 1942 Power Wagon

Woah... I LOVE that!

Skatulaki DEC 12, 10:19 PM
The one I'm looking at is a 78 short bed W10, my favorite body style, This one has a Manual Trans, virtually unseen in those days ! I got to have it and make it what I want !
88TTopGT JAN 07, 09:33 PM
Wow the Indy is a fantastic investment!
I had an appraisal on my 88 GT T Top in 2010 and it was valued at over $17k! That was a decade ago, your Indy could probably in the $30+ range!
88TTopGT JAN 07, 09:35 PM
[img] A7CF20B2-1DA2-4C08-9804-41763DF4015D.jpeg[/img]
hyperv6 JAN 08, 07:08 PM
Well not to disparage any Fiero or yours but appraisals are just that appraisals. All are not equal and all are not representative of true realized market values as they ever fluctuate with demand.

The reality is there are a number of good clean models out there and generally today the 88 T tops trade a little less than your appraisal. Most are very low mile too. Yes some people may over pay but $13k to $15k is about where I have seen fully loaded rare color low mile TTop 88 models selling.

Pace cars are a mixed bunch. Original low mile unrestored are the best but their prices are below the 88 TTops. If restored they go down and if they need work they can go cheap as some of the parts are hard to find and are expensive so putting it back right can cost as much as a good car or more.

Even my car is appraised and insured for more than I would expect to get if sold today.

Interest in the 80’s cars are just starting as there is an 80’s retro movement starting. This should help with demand and prices.
theogre JAN 09, 11:25 AM
Appraisals often mean nothing. Most are Copy/Past data from KBB or NADA that's a fake numbers published by Cox et al to artificially jack prices to sell used cars.
Most Insurance Co laugh at that number. Try to sell at that number often fails too.

Cars parked for month often have problems.
For years even decades then may drive to appraise/sell likely have big problems just not right away to find them.
Fuel, Brake and Cooling system parts are well known for this.
So often I hear very low miles on 10+ year old car is this or worse, an odo scam.

This is Why most "Barn finds" have iffy/bad brakes and more even when parked w/ all parts nearly new because Brake fluid and coolant goes "bad" just sitting allowing other parts to fail now or soon.
Gas goes "bad" in a few months even w/o having Ethanol issues. New gas often make tank and lines to release crap in a week or several that can cause problems.

Then add most people do half assed "restoration" that cuts "collectible value" big time. Including "restored" by "Pro" mechanics.

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