Aftermarket or rebuilt caliper (Page 1/1)
Cameron416 DEC 02, 01:38 PM
I need a rear driver side caliper for my 85 GT. Does anyone know of a reliable replacement? Most that I have looked into have iffy reliability and i’m looking for something that will hopefully last awhile.
Australian DEC 06, 02:25 AM
Look up Chrysler Lebaron brake upgrade.
Need to make something for handbrake cable.
sledcaddie DEC 06, 03:24 PM
I changed out all my calipers on my 85 SE, V6, 4-speed. I used NAPA rebuilds. They are rebuilt in Salt Lake City. Very high quality. I've never had a problem. The hardware that holds the pads to the calipers is far better design than the originals.