3.4 push rod build 2019 (Page 1/2)
jjd2296 DEC 01, 07:30 PM
[img]http://images.fieroforum.com/userimages/jjd2296/E88 8AD3D-5B9D-4272-89C7-976AE3F7A39F.jpeg[/img][img]http:// images.fieroforum.com/userimages/jjd2296/9FC26AF3-E9C8-40FD-AE70-D44541395D33.jpeg[/img][img]http://images.fieroforum.com/userimages/jjd2296/E0F36137-820E-4 C85-8B60-3BB86BFE4ABD.jpeg[/img][img]http://images.fiero forum.com/userimages/jjd2296/AEC0C4DB-1DBC-4C26-B9BB-BDD11378F4B0.jpeg[/img][img]http://images.fieroforum.com/userimages/jjd2296/C278B5AB-592E-47ED-AB1F-0F6 82278C5CD.jpeg[/img] Just about finished my 3.4 pushrod build (thanks to local Ontario Fiero club members!).

Here’s the details:

3.4 rebuilt block
Ported heads
Sprint headers
Ported lower middle and upper intake
Bored out upper intake bracket and throttle body 57 mm
17lb injectors
RD power pulley kit
88 alternator
FS ss exhaust and high flow cat
260H cam

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jjd2296 DEC 01, 07:37 PM
And a spec 1 clutch
jjd2296 DEC 01, 07:38 PM
And a bored out plenum neck and TB to 57mm
jjd2296 DEC 02, 06:53 AM
Next is a PPG style plenum

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lou_dias DEC 02, 10:00 AM
I have aluminum valve cover spacers incase you wanna buy full roller 1.6 rockers from Summit.

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lou_dias DEC 02, 10:06 AM
Also, in the bottom part of the middle intake manifold...
I would cross-drill some holes in the tube walls right above where it meets the LIM to increase your top end. I went a little radical with my experiment here and lost a little mid range:

Flying_Dan DEC 02, 03:05 PM
While I wold love to have an LS# in my 85' GT, I'm running a 3400 with iron heads and Fiero intake. You'll love the 3.4, it has enough of a power increase over the 2.8 you can feel it. And it all looks factory!
jjd2296 DEC 02, 06:23 PM
I went this route for that reason. I wanted to look factory as mush as I could keeping the spirit of the car. My swings stage is to install a SC where the AC compressor is located. Next fall.

As for the PPG intake. The end goal is to look like this.
Patrick DEC 02, 07:03 PM
jjd2296, I'll delete the contents of this post afterwards (so as to avoid duplication)... but if you'd like to fix the missing images in your opening post, click the EDIT tab on this post, copy everything below the dashes, then paste it into your opening post to replace the original text. (The problem in your opening post was created by not using the Enter key to put blank lines between image addresses. This then results in spaces being introduced into the middle of various image addresses.)

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jjd2296 DEC 02, 08:12 PM
Thanks Patrick but it seems to be a glitch with the new photo upload function from a mobile Cliff set up. No ability to hit enter etc. You just upload the pics you want and hit the upload button