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FieroMaster88 FEB 02, 08:25 PM
Ok, so I had another thread for this but thanks to photobucket it’s ruined.

This is Indy Fiero #64 and parade car #4. I purchased the car back in the fall of 2011 non running. I fixed the fuel pump and replaced the alternator and got it running. The first drive around the neighborhood a brake like blew out and I could tell the suspension needed an overhaul. I ordered a full stainless brake line kit from the fiero store and replaced the bad line. I changed the oil, installed new tires, installed the correct Indy seat fabric, replaced the rusted sunroof seal tracks and a few other items. In 2012 my wife and I found out we were having twins so the car got put into storage and has been there ever since. I’ve still been buying parts for it over the last 6 years.

Now that it’s 2018, the twin boys are 5 and our youngest is 2 it’s time to start working on the Indy Fiero again. I registered for the 35th anniversary show and have my hotel reservations. I had planned on driving my 88 but got the idea I should get the Indy out, mechanically sound and take it. It’s probably the only way I’ll ever do anything with it honestly. Let’s start the list of what needs to be completed to drive it and what I’d like to get completed and what isn’t important that needs to be done to complete the restoration. I’ll add to each as I find more that’s needed and post updates to this thread as I work on it. The first task will be to trailer the car home as soon as winter desides it’s over.

What needs to be completed:
Install the rest of the brake line kit from the fiero store.
Replace all 4 brake calipers, rotors, pads and rubber lines. (Have all new parts already)
Replace all ball joints and tie rods. (Have all new parts already)
Replace all 4 wheel bearings. (Have all new parts)
Replace engine harness. (Have good used part)
Replace exhaust manifold gasket and fix other exhaust leaks. (Have new parts)
Replace shocks and struts. (Have new parts)
Replace battery cables. (Have new parts)
Replace battery.
Tune up. (Have new parts)

What I’d like to complete:
Install poly bushings in rear suspension.
Install coil overs on rear and lowering springs up front for 2” drop.
Install good arm rests. (Have good used parts)
Install txgood cup holder (Have part)
Repair rusted frame rails and trunk corners. (Have good used frame rails)
Remove engine to reseal and replace timing gear. (Have new parts)
Reseal ac system, replace dryer, replace expansion tube for 134a. (Have parts)
Sandblast, paint and install decals on air filter housing and valve cover. (Have parts)
Tidy up engine bay
Replace deck lid. (Have good used part)

What’s needed to complete restoration:

Bodywork and paint.
Restore wheels.
Install Indy decal kit. (Have parts)

Here are some random pictures I found:

88 Coupe: 2.0L Turbo 4 Cylinder, W2A, T25 Turbo, water/meth injection
84 Indy #64: Restoration Project
01 BMW 525i: The other summer car
14 GMC Sierra: Daily Driver

FieroMaster88 FEB 02, 08:28 PM
Pictures of the rust in the trunk corners:

eldervampire FEB 02, 09:08 PM
Good luck man, I truly look forward to seeing her restored. Not a day goes by that im don't kick myself for trading her off.
FieroMaster88 FEB 04, 04:05 PM

Crappy iPhone video. Really need to find my GoPro.

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FieroMaster88 FEB 11, 12:10 PM
Ordered a dash cover, fuel lines and s few other misc. parts from The Fiero Store this week.
fierosound FEB 12, 12:49 AM
I got all my replacement decals for my Indy from Paul.

My World of Wheels Winners (Click on links below)

3.4L Supercharged 87 GT and Super Duty 4 Indy #163

Mike Morris FEB 12, 05:15 PM
Car looks decent. Good luck with it.
Prime FEB 13, 12:04 PM
Nice Indy, keep us updated! Slowly restoring my Indy too so these posts definitely give me motivation.
edfiero FEB 14, 01:00 PM
Since you have a documented parade car, you might want to consider keeping it stock, and forget all the suspension / lowering mods. Just bring her back to parade condition. Car might be worth a little more in the long run not to mention the stock parts will likely be cheaper than the 'upgrades'.

FieroMaster88 FEB 17, 02:14 PM
Not really worried about cost of parts and lowering is pretty easy to undo. Not sure if Fieros will ever be worth much $$ anyway. Not fixing it up as an investment, fixing it up to save it and I’ve always wanted an Indy.

Edited to add it doesn’t have the original engine in it anyway. I may do an engine swap in the future like a SD4.

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