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fieroboom FEB 03, 03:38 PM
After many attempts of contacting all previously claimed Alabama Fiero Clubs with no response, I have decided to pursue creating an official AFC.
For those of you in or around Alabama, you are welcome to visit my site: and join my small forum there. The only purpose of that forum is for us to keep up with each other concerning events, etc. I have also put up an online shop to buy club merchandise & support the club. This shop will also sell member created aftermarket parts in an effort to support your local community, if any of our members are making & selling items such as scoops, bumpers, etc for the Fiero. There are currently no items for sale yet, because I need your input on what all you'd like to see! I'm currently considering t-shirts, ballcaps, hoodies, stickers, and a few other items.
I've put all of my other projects on hold in order to get this set up, so hopefully we'll have a really nice site before too long!

I am working with the people over at the Barber Motorsports Park road course track to see if there's a possibility of us holding an event there.
I'm planning to have a very fun & active club with lots of cool events! I have already started on getting some AFC t-shirts printed up so we can show our pride!
Also, please give me some of your ideas for fundraisers, events, and things you'd like to see happen.

I wrote a script that searched PFF members, found all of you located in AL, and sent you a PM and/or and email (depending on your settings) informing you of the club, so most of you in AL should already know about this, but since some members don't check PMs very often, and I had a LOT of bounced emails, I wanted to start a thread to be sure I get all the AL people's attention.

BTW Cliff, thanks for the accessible member list; I just bought you a few beers as a token of thanks...

Anyway, I guess that's it for now. Hope to hear from you dadburned southerners soon!

Journal of a concept: >>> Build Thread >>> Parts thread (for project funding)

fieroboom FEB 03, 03:45 PM
Also, here's the layout of the Barber Motorsports road course:

Ratfink FEB 03, 10:31 PM
Ben84 FEB 03, 10:55 PM
Great Job
SuperchargedV6 FEB 03, 11:13 PM
I added you to Cleveland Fieros list. http://www.clevelandfieros....x.php?name=Web_Links Rick B
Cooter FEB 04, 12:04 AM
I am local, but because of all the crap that I am having to do with work, I won't really be able to do much with a club. I hope it works out for you and all the other 'Bama folks. If I ever get any free time, I'd like to meet up and hang out.
fieroboom FEB 04, 12:06 AM

Originally posted by SuperchargedV6:

I added you to Cleveland Fieros list. http://www.clevelandfieros....x.php?name=Web_Links Rick B

Awesome! Thanks so much.
I'd love to converge with the other Alabama Fiero Clubs, but I can't get in touch with them... I've emailed both the webmaster and the guy in charge... Anyone know of another way to contact them?
katatak FEB 04, 12:38 AM
Just checked out your site - look great - good job!
fieroboom FEB 04, 12:40 AM

Originally posted by katatak:

Just checked out your site - look great - good job!

Thanks, I tried to keep elements from this site that I liked, but do away with the few small things that annoyed me.
Your suggestions & input for improvement are more than welcome!
fierofool FEB 04, 09:30 AM
Fieroboom, you might try Ed Parks for contact info on David Hunter. David used to head up the Alabama club. Like you, I have contact info, but get no response from him. At the RFTH 13, Ed told me that the Alabama Fiero Club didn't really exist any more, but they may still own the name. Frank Martin at Space Coast Fieros may also be able to help with a different email or phone number for David.